Autel AP200 Honda Odyssey OBD2 Scanner review

I got Autel AP200 OBD2 scanner last week, can’t believe it is only $59.99!!! Just tested it on my 2004 Honda Odyssey, it can read the transmission temperature successfully. That means I get a OBD2 full system diagnosis for all cars meanwhile. But only one vehicle brand is free, $21.99 will be charged for each additional model. My wife’s Subaru was using as first free car, my Odyssey was the second charged. AP200 is the easiest and cheapest tool I would recommend to date and monitor transmission temperature. I can now activate, test different components, pull codes on all systems(AT, ABS, SRS, etc.)

Here is my screenshot to show transmission temperature and other live data.

The biggest difference between Autel AP200 from other popular Bluetooth scanners is full system diagnostics. The Autel provides this function while most other manufactures don’t. That is why this OBD2 Bluetooth scanner can read my Honda transmission temperature with data from all other modules. It is a professional scan tool that can read most manufacture specific codes.

But compared to other professional level scan tool, the Autel AP200 is much cheaper: cheaper initial price and cheaper updates. Because they are included in each time purchase $21.99. The cons for me is it can’t cover every vehicle as I must purchase them individually from second model. My friend has an old Autel professional scan tool, which cost $800 for the first purchase, and required $600 updates charge each year. Although I have experience with Autel, I went to searched on their web. Finally, I decided to buy AP200 to have a try. So far I am very satisfied with it!


Autel AP200 OBD2 scanner ($59.99) is cheaper for 2004 Honda Odyssey and pay more $21.99 for Subaru is cheap too, moreover it can access to all system and read the transmission temperature etc.