Autel IM508 + XP400 Write 2011 BMW 328 CAS3 ECU Chip

Hello guys! Today I will show how to use Autel MaxiIM IM508 + XP400 Programmer to write chip for a 2011 BMW 328 CAS3 ECU. This is the BMW CAS3 ECU, which has been connected via wiring.



Let’s get into Autel IM508 programmer mode:


Programmer >> Accept >> Chip(EEPROM, MCU, ECU) >> Chip read & write

autel-im508-xp400-write-2011-bmw-328-cas3-ecu-chip- autel-im508-xp400-write-2011-bmw-328-cas3-ecu-chip-4 autel-im508-xp400-write-2011-bmw-328-cas3-ecu-chip-5


Immobilizer >> BMW >> CAS3+>0L15Y>RW >> OK

Please select EEPROM or FLASH to read or write data.

autel-im508-xp400-write-2011-bmw-328-cas3-ecu-chip-6 autel-im508-xp400-write-2011-bmw-328-cas3-ecu-chip-9


EEPROM >> Write >> Select a data, press “OK”


Writing in chip… don’t unplug the USB cable.

Please wait..


As you can see, green light on XP400 programmer blinks fast.


Chip written successfully!

autel-im508-xp400-write-2011-bmw-328-cas3-ecu-chip-10 autel-im508-xp400-write-2011-bmw-328-cas3-ecu-chip-11 autel-im508-xp400-write-2011-bmw-328-cas3-ecu-chip-12

autel-im508-xp400-write-2011-bmw-328-cas3-ecu-chip-13 autel-im508-xp400-write-2011-bmw-328-cas3-ecu-chip-14

Exit back to “CAS3+>0L15Y>RW” page, go to:

FLASH >> Write >> Select one, and press “OK”.


Please wait until 100%…


Chip written successfully! Press “OK” to finish.

autel-im508-xp400-write-2011-bmw-328-cas3-ecu-chip-15 autel-im508-xp400-write-2011-bmw-328-cas3-ecu-chip-16


This just shows the steps I did to write the BMW CAS3 ECU chip with Autel IM508 and XP400 tool under programmer mode. Thus, it can be used to add keys on the bench since it has been already wired up.