Autel IM608 IM508 SUCCESS / FAIL Reviews

Lots of new key programming tool flooded into the market. But you’ll find that topics of Autel IM608/IM508 Programmer never end in the automotive forums and FB groups. People keep interested in and give good reviews of this scanner. Most IM608 / IM508 purchased is very satisfying!

Look here.. users share their FAIL and SUCCESS experience. And here, Auteldiag collected all for you. Hope it helps

Autel MaxiIM IM608 customer feedback:

BMW e90 2006 all key lost obd jobs –OK

2015 bmw m5 add key by obd

Autel Im608 2010 BMW 328i AKL OBD Cas3++ ISTAP. Success

Autel Im608 Cas3++ 1

Fem can be done thru obd. Only if it has been unlocked already before. To add a key

Autel Im608 Cas3++ 2

I’ve done a CAS4 add key thru OBD

Im608 BMW 530d f11 cas4+
Add key by obd 10-minute job
You can do all keys lost as will
Just take out ecu pin it out to read ISN
Then it’s all obd but if you work on any BMW keep car above 13v and make sure your internet
Connection/hotspot is good

2007 BMW coupe with AUTEL IM608
All. keys lost
Network connection required
All via OBD


Autel Im608 Golf7 Akl Mbq5

Transit custom 2013 2 x new genuine flip keys added in a matter of minutes with an IM608 + XP400

It said about 3/10 mins for security access but was around 60 secs.

No need to delete any keys. Remote automatic sync on these

20 mins with cutting


2015 Acura TLX Success, took 5 minutes and did an extra Xhorse remote for the customer.


Audi A5 2012 non-keyless key. Programming procedure only 5 min! Autel is work good. Easy job

Im608 Audi A5 2012

Audi A6 2016– BCM2 Kessy – Add key done 3 minutes Autel IM608

– Reading immo data (CS)

– Reading Working key data

– Prepare Dealer key

– Key learning touching ignition slot


Generated 2 super chips and made keys for Mazda tribute AKL in less than 15 minutes.



2014 Audi rs7 added 2nd key through OBD in around 10 minutes, asked me to de-energize the BCM and that slowed me down a bit. Im608 is nice.



2004 Mercedes Benz CLK500 add a key through OBD took around 21 minutes to calculate password


Program Mercedes Benz DAS 3 Keys by IM608 is OK


Classe A 2013 fsb4 add key success with Autel IM608

IM608+ xp400 : Audi a3 2018, add key (8v mqb) success, 5 min. Remote automatically when key programming.


2014 Vauxhall Zafira add key

Read password in about 60 secs.

Xhorse wireless remote used.

Just under 12 mins to configure system. After procedure remote automatically synched. Nice one. Easy 15/20 mins all in with cutting


Autel IM608 For my Vauxhall Movano 2010 All keys lost Fail to read pin But did program new key Once I got PIN


IM608 I also plugged 2019 aswell

That told to remove KVM So good tool

Hi, add new key for Renault Trafic III 2016 (ID4A).

10 minutes for this jobs


But it s always good to see how easy im608 do things, 06 Lexus IS250. Installed a new/used ECU. Re-wrote the VIN with IM608 and reconfigured the ECU to the car. Quick and easy, finished the programming by jumping the pins on the OBDII for 30 mins. Started right up after.


Nissan Qashqai 2014. With xhorse universal smart key mqb style. Generate remote with keytool max. Add key success. Remote mutch automatically when key programmed. Programm with im608.

2016 Renault traffic add key by IM608
Read p flash with battery stabilizer and network..
Save and automatically writes pflash back then reads pincode.
Insert key and learn. Remote automatic on these

Autel im608 for 2016 Renault Kadjar PIN reading and Key programming done

Wonderful and powerful diagnostic and programming tool. Did a 2013 C230 all key lost in 30 minutes thru OBD2.

The 2021 Honda HR-V turn key is the same as 2020. IM608 had no problem reading VIN automatically, and programming a Super Chip generated as Honda G ID47.

Autelim608 1

Opel Astra H 1.4 petrol. Reand pin and program key sucess!

Autel Opel Astra


2017 Toyota Prius adds key by obd 5 minutes job
Success 2016 TOYOTA Acura RDX PCM replacement, relearn all keys with IM608

2014 Toyota Corolla – ALL KEYS LOST

Confirmed – Autel Im608 – programming successful after 16 minute time out wait. 1 New Key was required (Did not require 2)

Success 2014 jeep Cherokee BCM replacement proxy configuration restore and proxy alignment done with Wii Tech and read and input security code in BCM with IM608

Peugeot 208 2013 add key success. Vvdi wireless remote used.

Fiat 500 2011–All keys lost
by using Im608 + xhorse super remote
All OBD,Nice easy job

(Matronix reviews on autel im608 below:)
Just a few other then the standard Polo 2010/2011 (many of those all OK – except for a few keys aftermarket which made dealer key but would not program due to chip was ‘sticked’ on the board but too far from ignition to read/program by the car) and other standard cars (some below not that special either, I know)

ALL OK = full proces so inc pin

– Range Rover from 09/2013 – added key in under 3 minutes (obviously not upgraded/locked KVM) all ok
– Opel Vivaro 2004 – first time no luck, second time had the sysflash on it and other set of aftermarket keys , all ok
– Fiat Punto Evo 2011 – tried all Eeprom immo read options and made dealer key but big time fail – no correct pre coding so no working FOB (10 legged chip) – Delphi BCM -FAIL
– Fiat 500 – Delphi – same method as the Punto Evo but succes – all ok
– Nissan Micra 2018 – under 5 minutes, all ok
– Renault Scenic II keyless (!) key – need to open door with keyless function before starts working but works fine – all ok
– Renault Megane II / Scenic II several ‘standard’ keycards, previously issues but tried and went smooth now – all ok
– Ford Transit Custom before 2016 – easy and fast – all ok
– Ford Transit Custom after 2016 – easy and fast – all ok
– Audi A6 2006 (I think, was the new style key) – all ok
– Nissan Qashqai – several , always watch closely to BCM warning with numbers and USE SysFlash! – all ok
– Peugeot Boxer 2012 – pre code / make dealer key in the control unit menu, not possible in automated functions – all ok
– Ford Transit blue key – as expected no issues – all ok
– Benz – lot of different ones ; W211 (standard and AMG, only can not source keyless key for this one), SKL200, W169, W245, W639, W203 etc. – ALL OK
– Peugeot Partner 2016 – all ok
– Seat Alhambra 2006 – ofcourse need to read Eeprom on bench but no support for programming in Autel , not even after retreiving pin – FAIL
– Toyota Auris 2013 smart key – all ok
– Audi A2 2004 – no pin -, read by VAG Reader and did it with VVDI since Autel failed – FAIL
– Opel Astra J tourer – all ok
– BMW 2 series and 3 series FEM – several on bench, good guidance for unlock/programming – all ok
– several Mini CAS3 – just held my breath, hooked up sysflash for the ones with downgrade and so far no issues (still itches every time) – all ok
– same for all kinds of BMW CAS3 , also did a CAS2 which (ofcourse) don’t give any issues, just check frequency of remote – all ok
– Golf 7 SporsVan 2016 – no sweat except the little extra work on the HU162T blade – all ok


Autel MaxiIM IM508 customer feedback:

Range Rover Sport 2016 add keyless key sucess with Im508! 2 min programming. Use aftermarket remote key.

2010 Audi A5 Sline push in dash
All keys lost
Success with im508 + xp400


Renault Captur 2017 success


IM 508 + XP200 add Key via OBD on BMW e90 – 2005 success


2016 SKODA OCTAVIA add MQB key non-keyless success! With autel im508 and X200

Aftermarket MQB key used.

Backed up EEPROM then started key learning, generate dealer key success in a few secs, Learn key success and remote synched automatically!

Easy job. 15 mins with cutting.



Range Rover Sport 2009, add key (aftermarket) with im508, 1-minute job. Both remotes worked, no issues.

2014 range rover sport keyless. add key
2 mins job. Ignition off, autel turns ignition on itself. Confirm this then click button of new remote a few times and it matches.
10 mins all in with cutting. Easy

2001 CLK320 US IM508+XP400 was able to add the key to start but new remote did not work neither did old remote was working prior to me adding key. Password Calculation took 45 mins. 2 keys added and both remote did not work but started car.



2 jaguar XF keys added today with im508


Mercedes W210 AKL success 20 min. password – IM508 & Gbox2 & HP-400 pro

IM508-mercedes-w210-akl- IM508-mercedes-w210-akl-2 IM508-mercedes-w210-akl-3 IM508-mercedes-w210-akl-4 IM508-mercedes-w210-akl-5


All keys lost for Hyundai i40 Madagascar with im508


Basic Autell Im508 reviews: Renault Laguna 2 PH1 2002 – add key

Password read by itself

Aftermarket key

Internet connection

Renault Mégane 2010

All keys lost

Aftermarket smart key

Need to be connected to the internet

Im508 + internet connection

2004 Vauxhall Tigra with Im508. Read pin perfect. add remote success. xhorse wired remote used. Autel wouldnt program xhorse superchip generated as ID40 but did program an orignal opel ID40 chip so used that instead

the second car failed To add key to immo on Vectra C 2005 read pin ok. Clear keys. Add orig key back fine. says key matched for the new one but didn’t match. Xhorse wireless remote used generated as. id46 pcf7946. Which matched exactly to the orignal key.

2020 Honda accord smart key AKL using IM508
Success with used smart key from 2020 civic and odyssey.
5 minute job.

Ford Transit 2019 key programming with Autel Im508 7 minute, Oem remote key.

2022 Ford Expedition P2S AKL
2022 Ford F-250 P2S AKL
2021 Ford Transit Flip key AKL
All knocked out in record time today with the 608 damn I love this tool

Bmw 3series 2012 fem

Issue with remote & proxy not working

So deleted key from slot 3

And added new key

Both keys now working

Proxy and remote

All via obd im508

Obviously, car has had fem. unlocked previously

Otherwise its on bench job


Add key for Mercedes Viano 2006 with IM508 and XP400

20 minutes for read PIN



Mercedes C 220 2014

spare key


password in 4 min

all done via OBD


Skoda Fabia 2015 MQB

Read immo, make dealer key, learn Keys.

5min job.

Standard key blade with only MQB transponder (without remote).

All via obd, using im508+xp400.

2017 Sprinter W906 & 2013 A-Class W176 Add key Success… About 8 mins each for calculation. Im508 + xp400 .

VW Transporter 2008
Add Key on im508  (not used xp200)
Was wondering why I don’t have to Precode the Aftermarket Key on xp200/xp400.
After Manual selection (smart failed) I have chosen Learn Key.. Input amount of keys. And turned ignition in order.. Remote programmed manually.

Im508 + xp400 + internet connection For Vw Tiguan 2017
Add second key
Pre-code and learn the key to the car
Kia Rio 2017 smartkey 8A. Remote doesn’t work any more but can start the car.
I repair the remote, still the same. Use Xpad2, X300 Pro4 failed to read pin.
IM508 read quickly pincode then reprogram the key. Problem solved.

2009 seat Leon
All keys lost
All via OBD
With network connection
Im508 and xp400

Seat Ibiza FR 2016 Mqb sucess! Realy easy job 5 min! Program with Im508 with xp200!

Leon Aute Im608

Jeep Commander 2006
Add a remote key
The used working key, pin read in seconds, then went on to program key in less than 2 minutes. Used automatic selection, no internet needed.

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