Only Autel IM608 Pro is Original, Non Pro Version of IM608 is Fake?

The answer is NO. Both Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro, non pro versions (Autel MaxiIM IM508/ IM608) are the original version. Both are NOT fake. They are all from Autel,No one can clone Autel device, IM508 is the first version for key programming, while IM608 is the second, and IM608 Pro is the latest.

As an upgraded version, IM608 Pro added some more features that IM508/ IM608 do not have. But fortunately, you can perform those advanced functions now only need to work with an XP400 Pro programmer.


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How to ensure to get the original version of Autel scan tools?

  1. Purchase from Autel authorized agent:
  2. Do not purchase from second-hand sellers.


Otherwise, your Autel device may happen to be locked due to illegal operation.

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