Autel IM608 Programs Cas4+ BMW x4 add keys & all keys lost OK

Q: Will MaxiIM IM608 key programmer program BMW x4?

Answer from Auteldiag‘s technician: Yes, it will. Let’s check the car list below:

Vehicle Model Year System Add key All keys lost Read password Remote learning IMMO part replacement
X4 2013/05-2018/03 CAS4 via OBD Part of via OBD / Part of On-bench/boot via OBD Not Required/Not Supported CAS4, EGS(Partly supported), DME/DDE(Partly supported)
X4 2017/06-2019/06 FEM/BDC On-bench/boot method Part of On-bench/boot On-bench/boot method Not Required/Not Supported FEM, EGS(Partly supported), DME/DDE(Partly supported)


Reviews 1 :2015 BMW x4 all keys lost with Autel 608. Success. Cas4+ done obd2 and ISN with gbox2 hooked directly to ECU.

2015 BMW X4 IM608 (1) 2015 BMW X4 IM608 (2) 2015 BMW X4 IM608 (3)

Reviews 2.

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Key Programming Tool For Bmw X4 2018 Cas4+
Update Success
Add smart key Success


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