Autel IM608 vs. Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus, Which is Better?

Lots of locksmiths are wondering to know which key programmer is better between Autel MaxiIM IM608 & Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus. Contrast pros and cons are as below.


Autel IM608 Pro vs. VVDI Key Tool Plus Comparison

Item Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro (IM608+XP400 Pro) Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus
Image Autel Im608 pro  Xhorse Vvdi Key Tool Plus
Ford 2019-2020:

1. Add key.

2. All key lost.

GM 2018-:

Add key, read PIN by OBD

Chrysler 2018-2020:

Add key.

√ (Partially)
Mercedes Benz:

Add key, all key lost.

√ (3rd IMMO) √ (3rd IMMO)

All key lost, other IMMO system functions.


Add keys, all key lost.


8A mechanical all key lost.

√ (Partially, need emulator) √ (Partially, NO need emulator)
Honda 2019-:

All key lost.

√ (Partially) ×
Hyundai 2018-2021:

1. Add key;

2. 4A, 8A smart card.

√ (Partially)
China-made: 2020 of some brands ×
Key tool √ (Partially)

Autel Im608 Vs Xhorse Vvdi Key Tool Plus Which Is Better (3)


PROS of Autel IM608

  • Wider vehicle coverage
  • All system diagnosis
  • 23 special maintenance functions
  • Odometer correction
  • Professional diagnostic software
  • One year free update online
  • Additional J2534 programming functions

How to use Autel J2534 ECU programmer with OE software?


Tips: recommend to buy Autel IM508 + XP400 Pro, less cost but same IMMO functions.


PROS of Xhorse Key Tool Plus

  • Newest hardware at the moment on market
  • Do well in transponder cloning, remote generation, EEPROM function.
  • Available to cut key by connecting Xhorse key cutting machine.
  • Support to connect with other Xhorse tools.
  • Good for VAG
  • Free update online


CONS of Autel IM608

  • Needs to pay yearly extra cost if need to update or use online functions after 1 year.
  • Hardware limitations, new functions are replying on latest hardware released in the future.


CONS of VVDI Key Tool Plus

  • Needs to use tokens when reading password online calculation for ID48 or MB.
  • Vehicle coverage &performance are approximately at a medium level, which is still far from IM508/ IM608/ IM608 Pro.



Autel IM608 is a professional key programmer covering a wider vehicle range and complete diagnostic functions for use. It’s very suitable for locksmiths to start key programming and learning.


Xhorse Key Tool Plus does not have so much functions as IM608, but it’s newer in hardware. That allows to be added a bunch of vehicle brands and adapters in the future. It’s clearly catching up step by step.


If you’re interested in both key programming tools, please contact us.