Autel MaxiCheck Pro OBD2 Scanner: Good or Not?

Do you know the nauseous feeling when you’re carsick? Vehicle may get sick, like people. It feels same terrible when your vehicle spills oil all over, or some other part stops working. Leave all those problems to a professional diagnostic tool – Autel MaxiCheck Pro.

This small OBD2 scanner can provide solutions with fast and ease for your everyday tasks in repair shop or garage that can’t be done without using diagnostic tool. Before to know if Autel MaxiCheck Pro is good or not, we are going to help you to find the answer.

What is the Autel MaxiCheck Pro?

Autel MaxiCheck Pro is a diagnostic device designed for expert mechanic and body shops to serve various specific systems, including ABS, SRS, EPB, SAS, TPMS, climate controls and oil light resets.

Technical Features
√ Complete OBD2, EOBO coverage √ Service Intervals Reset
√ Diagnose EPB/SBC Caliper √ Steering Angle Sensors(SAS) Reset
√ Read & Clear EPB/SBC Fault Codes √ Oil Service Light Reset
√ Open & Close Electronic Brake Calipers √ Turn off the ECU & Brake Warning Lights


Unique Features
√ Crystal Clear TFT Color Screen √ Multilingual Support
√ ABS Bi-directional Function √ USB Internet Updateable
√ Diesel Particulate Filter Function √ Read, Record &Play Back OBD2 Live Data
√ Battery Adaptation Reset √ ABS Coverage for 50 Vehicle Manufacturers
√ Register Battery Replacement √ SRS Coverage for 50 Vehicle Manufacturers

Pros and Cons of the Autel MaxiCheck Pro

Provide a variety range of diagnostics No necessary purchase for common car owner
Cover 50 various of vehicle brands Does not have all functions as high-end tool
Stable, durable, compact, multifunctional
Easy and fast to use
1 years warranty

 Should you buy it?

1.Choose the right diagnostic device

Autel MaxiCheck Pro is not a $3000 diagnostic tool, so if you would like to use it as much as required that you’ll be disappointed. This tool is a mid-level scanner with unique functions. Now if you want a diagnostic tool less than $1000, MaxiCheck Pro will be an ideal option.

  1. What do you have when receive it

It comes with a carrying case, a main unit, an OBD2 cable, a USB charging cable, a piece of CD, a SD card reader will be included in the machine; for the user manual, please download it in the attachment. You are able to get all OBD2 reading codes and abundant of manufacturer data. Otherwise, Autel provides 1 year warranty for it.

  1. Not simply a code reader

For a professional mechanic, MaxiCheck Pro is a good backup scanner; For the DIY’er, MaxiCheck Pro is better than a common code reader, even a too much diagnostic tool. Compared to other mid-level diagnostic tool, MaxiCheck Pro will save much time to complete jobs.

Now you have known what the Autel MaxiCheck Pro can work for you, you may wonder where to buy one. They are available from the link below: