Autel MaxiSys 906BT Diagnostic Tool Relearn Operation Instruction

Autel MaxiSys MS906BT bases on the Android operating system featured with the best possible coverage of OE-level diagnostics and ECU coding capability, which will efficiently provide comprehensive vehicle diagnostics and analysis for the customers.

We can say it is the latest addition to the MaxiSys product line of advanced wireless diagnostic devices.

 Autel MaxiSys 906BT


For detailed instruction of Relearn Operation, check the following content.

Basic knowledge before step-by-step guide:

This function allows quick access to the vehicle’s ECU, performing TPMS diagnostics, reading IDs from the vehicle, writing IDs to the vehicle, and reading/clearing codes of the tire pressure monitoring system.

Autel MaxiSys 906BT Relearn Operation


The OEM sensor information and specification, and relearn procedure for each vehicle will display on the right side of the screen. Please read the relearn procedure carefully before performing the relearn function.


How to perform TPMS Relearn function?

<1>. Establish communication with the test vehicle via the MaxiVCI V100. Power on the Display Tablet.

<2>. Turn the ignition on but do not start the engine.

<3>. Tap the Relearn tab on the screen and select the specific function to continue. Details are explained in the following sections.


Four parts of content described in detail:

1.OBDII Relearn

This function allows writing the sensor IDs to the TPMS ECU without performing other procedures.

NOTE: Make sure all sensors are checked before performing the OBDII Relearn function


How to perform an OBDII Relearn function?

  1. Tap OBDII Relearn to write IDs to the vehicle directly without

performing further procedures.

  1. A message will appear when the sensor IDs are successfully written.


2.Read IDs from the vehicle

This function will read sensor IDs from the test vehicle directly.


How to read IDs from vehicles?

  1. Tap Read IDs from the vehicle in the Relearn screen.
  2. The Display Tablet will display the sensor IDs and positions for you

to view. Tap OK to save data for future review, or Back to exit.


3.Read DTC

How to read DTCs?

  1. Tap the Read DTC button from the Relearn screen.
  2. A data list of TPMS DTCs retrieved from the vehicle’s ECU will

show up.


4.Clear DTC

How To clear DTCs?

  1. Tap Clear DTC from the Relearn screen.
  2. The Display Tablet will show a warning message for you to confirm.

Tap Yes to continue, or No to exit.

  1. If the erase command is sent successfully, the confirming screen

will display. Tap ESC on the confirming screen to exit Clear DTC.

  1. Run Read DTC again to ensure the operation is successful.