Autel MaxiSys Elite Instruction of Maintenance & Troubleshooting Checklist

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Autel MaxiSys Elite Instruction of Maintenance & Troubleshooting Checklist

After a period of time repeatedly using the device, the customers have to do the maintenance for it and at a certain regular time, put efforts to troubleshooting it, in case it breaks down not as long time as its lifetime normally does.

1.Maintenance Instructions

The following shows how to maintain your devices, together with precautions to take.

·Use a soft cloth and alcohol or a mild window cleaner to clean the touch screen of the tablet.

·Do not use any abrasive cleansers, detergent, or automotive chemicals to the tablet.

·Maintain the devices in dry conditions and keep them within normal operating temperatures.

·Dry your hands before using the tablet. The touch screen of the tablet may not work if the touch screen is moist, or if you tap the touch screen with wet hands.

·Do not store the devices in humid, dusty or dirty areas.

·Check the housing, wiring, and connectors for dirt and damage before and after each use.

·At the end of each work day, wipe the device housing, wiring, and connectors clean with a damp cloth.

·Do not attempt to disassemble your tablet or the VCI unit.

·Do not drop or cause severe impact to the devices.

·Use only authorized battery chargers and accessories. Any malfunction or damage caused by the use of unauthorized battery charger and accessories will void the limited product warranty.

·Ensure that the battery charger does not come in contact with conductive objects.

·Do not use the tablet beside microwave ovens, cordless phones and some medical or scientific instruments to prevent signal interference.

2.Troubleshooting Checklist

A. When the display tablet does not work properly:

·Make sure the tablet has been registered online.

·Make sure the system software and diagnostic application software are properly updated.

·Make sure the tablet is connected to the Internet.

·Check all cables, connections, and indicators to see if the signal is being received.

B. When battery life is shorter than usual:

·This may happen when you are in an area with low signal strength.

·Turn off your device if it’s not in use.

C. When you cannot turn on the tablet:

·Make sure the tablet is connected to a power source or the battery is charged.

D. When you are unable to charge the tablet:

·Your charger may be out of order. Contact your nearest dealer.

·You may be attempting to use the device in an overly hot/cold temperature. Try changing the charging environment.

·Your device may have not been connected to the charger properly.

One last important message:

If your problems persist, please contact Autel’s technical support personnel or your local selling agent.