Autel MaxiLink ML629 vs. ML529HD vs. ML529 vs. ML329 Comparison

As professional Autel Code Readers, MaxiLink series are portable and easy DIY tools.  Among them, there are AL629, AL529HD, AL529, AL329…How to distinguish?  Below we have listed a form to help figure it out.


ML629 vs. ML529HD vs. ML529 vs. ML329 Comparison

Item Autel MaxiLink ML629 Autel MaxiLink ML529HD Autel MaxiLink ML529 Autel MaxiLink ML329
Image Autel Ml629  Ml529hd Ml529 Ml329
Read MIL status
One touch I/M readiness check
View freeze frame data
View live data
Read/erase DTCs
View vehicle info
AutoVIN for quick DTC definition
O2 monitor test
On-board monitor test
Component test
Modules present
Support J1939 & J1708 protocols
Read/erase DTCs for ABS
Read/erase DTCs for SRS
Read/erase DTCs for engine
Read/erase DTCs for transmission
Read enhanced codes in powertrain system for Ford, GM & Chrysler
Save and playback data
DTCs help
Print data via Windows-based PC
Vehicle coverage US:GM,Ford,Lincoln,Chrysler, Dodge;



Vehicle compatible with OBD protocols and J1939, J1708 protocols. Vehicle compatible with OBD protocols. Vehicle compatible with OBD protocols.


Functions: ML629 > ML529HD > ML529 > ML329

  • Only ML629 supports to read and erase DTCs for ABS/ SRS/ engine/ transmission while the others do not.
  • Only ML529HD supports J1939 & J1708 protocols while the others do not.
  • ML629 covers all functions of the others except one touch I/M readiness check & J1939 & J1708 protocols supported.



  • All support read MIL status, view freeze frame data, view live data, read/erase DTCs, view vehicle info, autoVIN for quick DTC definition, save and playback data, DTCs help, print data via Windows-based PC, etc.
  • All are compatible with OBDII protocols.
  • All are compact to carry, easy to use.
  • All are affordable for DIYers.



Autel ML329 is a basic OBDII scanner. It’s quite cheap that each car owner can afford it for DIY.

Autel ML629 is the most multifunctional scan tool of four DIY tools. With a reasonable price, it can meet more needs from experienced DIYers and mechanics.


Anyway, just select and comply with your needs.