How Autel TS508 Do TPMS Relearn for Mitsubishi Mirage 2018-2020?

TPMS tool Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 can perform an OBD stationary relearn for Mitsubishi Mirage 2018-2020 successfully.


2 tools are required, 1 is for OBD connection, the other as a trigger tool.


Operation Steps

  1. Properly install Autel MX-Sensor 1 Sensor;
  2. Ensure all tires are inflated to the pressure listed on the tire placard(located in the door jam of the vehicle);
  3. Use the Autel TS508 tool to trigger each sensor in the following order: LF, RF, RR, LR & full size spare(if equipped);
  4. Turn ignition to ON position;
  5. Connect Autel TS508 tool to OBD port. Keeping the tool plugged into the OBD connector, take your trigger tool and proceed to trigger the sensors in the following order: LF, RF, RR, LR;
  6. Switch ignition OFF, then switch ignition ON;
  7. Test drive above 19 MPH for at least 10 minutes.

Autel Ts508 Do Tpms Relearn For Mitsubishi Mirage 2018 2020 1



This is how to use Autel TS508 to do TPMS relearn for Mirage 2018-2020.