How Autel TS508 Install New Sensors on a Chrysler with SGW?

Recently FCA(Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) has introduced an SGW(secure gateway module) on a selection of their 2018 series and newer model vehicles. For those vehicles equipped with an SGW, writing new TPMS sensor IDs to TPMS Module is not workable now.


So how to use the Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 tool to install a new MX-Sensor on them?


The following 6 steps are workaround for Autel TS508:


Step1. Make sure TS508 or TS508WF has the latest update;

Step2. Use Advanced Mode to select your year make and model;

Step3. Select option #2; Program Sensor;

Step4. Select option #1; copy by OBD;

Step5. Program each sensor, one-at-a-time, making sure each programmed sensor is installed in the proper wheel position;

Step6. Service is complete!


By using the copy by OBD programming method we are using the information that is already stored in the car’s computer. We are not introducing new sensor IDs and therefore eliminating the need for a relearn. We are simply providing the sensor information that the car’s computer is looking for.

How Autel Ts508 Install New Sensors On A Chrysler With Sgm 1


More information about Autel TPMS Tool to be updated…