How to Flash Autel MS906?(Flash Software Package Download)

This article is a guide to solve Autel MaxiSys MS906 failure to start or system crash problem via flashing device. The detailed operation steps & where to download the flash software package are as below.


Autel MS906 Flash Software Package Download:

How to flash Autel MS906?

  1. Download the compressed file and unzip it, find out the “Autel_906” folder;
  2. Copy the whole “Autel_906” folder to the blank TF card root menu. (The TF card should be formatted to FAT32);
  3. Plug the TF card into the MS906 card slot;
  4. Power on the MS906 and it will go to the flash process automatically.



My secondhand Autel MaxiSys MS906 is stuck in the interface, and it unable to start. What’s the reason? Please help me!

How To Flash Autel Ms906 Flash Software Package Download



Have been given series number, Auteldiag engineer found the MS906 is an older version that has been expired out upgrade period in 2017.


2 ways may work:

  1. Try to flash the device. It won’t be 100% successful because the flash software package is a higher version than the device. If flash succeeded, it will require buying & download updated software for normal use, Autel Maxisys MS906 Online One Year Update Service here


  1. If flash failed, why not think about a new device of the latest version: Autel MaxiSys MS906BT or Autel MaxiCOM MK906BT. The advanced version will work better with updated software.

Comparison for reference

Autel MK906BT vs. Autel MS906: