How to Solve Autel MaciCom MK908P “No Communication Message”

Two kinds of “No Communication Message” situation with Autel MaciCom MK908P diagnostic tool that customers may encounter after purchasing it.

I feel so pleased to get the official solution feedback from customer service. In the following content, I, with pleasure, to share the solution to you guys.


Part A. If the MaxiCOM Display Tablet is not connected to the VCI device, an “Error” message displays. An “Error” message indicates the display tablet is not communicating with the VCI device, and so cannot gain access to the vehicle control module. In this case, you need to do the following check-ups:

  • Check if the VCI device is powered on.
  • In case of wireless connection, check if the network is configured correctly, or if the right device has been paired.
  • If during the diagnosis process, the communication is suddenly interrupted due to the loss of signal, check if there is any object that causes signal interruption.
  • Check if the VCI device is properly positioned. It is recommended to put the VCI device with the front side up.
  • Try standing closer to the VCI device to obtain more stable signals, and faster communication speed.
  • In case of wired connection, check the cable connection between the display tablet and the VCI device.
  • Check if the Error LED on the VCI device is on, this may indicate there is a communication error between the devices, in this case try re-establishing the connection again; if this does not work, there may be a hardware problem with the device, in this case contact for technical support


What about the other situation?

Part B. If the VCI device is unable to establish a communication link, a prompt message displays with check instructions. The following conditions are the possible causes for this massage to display:

  • The VCI device is unable to establish a communication link with the vehicle.
  • You’ve selected a system for testing that the vehicle is not equipped with.
  • There is a loose connection.
  • There is a blown vehicle fuse.
  • There is a wiring fault on the vehicle, or the data cable or adapter.
  • There is a circuit fault in the data cable or adapter.


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