Pair the Aircraft & Remote Controller of Autel EVO II Drone

How to pair the aircraft & remote controller of Autel EVO II Drone? Once you change the remote controller or aircraft, you will need to pair them again. This guide is applied to EVO II Pro Drone as well.


Pairing the aircraft and remote controller


Step1. Remove the gimbal guard cover.

pair-the-aircraft-remote-controller-of-autel-evo-ii-drone (1)


Step2. Power on the EVO II aircraft.



Step3. Press the aircraft pairing button with a pin, the pairing indicator will flash quickly.



Step4. Turn off the remote controller, press & hold the Power button and Go Home button at same time for 2 seconds.

pair-the-aircraft-remote-controller-of-autel-evo-ii-drone-4 pair-the-aircraft-remote-controller-of-autel-evo-ii-drone-5


Step5. After hearing a “beep”, which means the pairing is complete. The remote controller screen will display the flight status.

pair-the-aircraft-remote-controller-of-autel-evo-ii-drone-6 pair-the-aircraft-remote-controller-of-autel-evo-ii-drone-7


Pairing the aircraft and remote controller is successful!



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Video guide :