Program 2015 Toyota Prius All Key Lost with Autel IM608

Good day! Here I am working on a 2015 Toyota Prius, and gonna program a key with the Autel MaxiIM IM608 scan tool for Toyota all key lost.

program-2015-toyota-prius-all-key-lost-with-autel-im608 (1)


Here we go, connect Autel IM608 to the OBD2 interface of Toyota, then get to start:


IMMO >> Accept >> Toyota >> Manual selection >> USA >> Prius

program-2015-toyota-prius-all-key-lost-with-autel-im608  2 program-2015-toyota-prius-all-key-lost-with-autel-im608-3 program-2015-toyota-prius-all-key-lost-with-autel-im608-5 program-2015-toyota-prius-all-key-lost-with-autel-im608-6


2015-2017 >> Blade key >> Immobilizer(H 8A/8E) >> Immobilizer box reset(all keys lost)



It is said the function only supported for the Middle East and the USA now, press “OK


Please ensure the door remains open during the learning process. Press “OK”.


Enter numbers of keys to be programmed, press “OK”.

program-2015-toyota-prius-all-key-lost-with-autel-im608-11 program-2015-toyota-prius-all-key-lost-with-autel-im608-12 program-2015-toyota-prius-all-key-lost-with-autel-im608-13


Follow the prompts to operate:


Turn the ignition off, press “OK”.

Turn the ignition on, press “OK”.


I can see that the immobilizer warning light keeps flashing.


Turn the ignition off and remove the key. Press “OK”.

Turn the ignition on, press “OK”.

Turn the ignition off and remove the key, press “OK”.


Follow the following step to learn one master key within 120s, press “OK”.

Insert the master key, turn the ignition on and wait 5s. Then quickly turn the ignition on and back off 5 times until the SECURITY lamp goes out, which indicates that learning is completed.


The car has already started, programming is successful!

program-2015-toyota-prius-all-key-lost-with-autel-im608-14 program-2015-toyota-prius-all-key-lost-with-autel-im608-15


This is a quick tutorial on how to use Autel IM608 Key Programmer to program a key for the 2015 Toyota Prius all key lost. More vehicle tests to be continued…