Refresh Autel im608 / im508 tablet with flash file For beginner

If your Autel IM508 or IM608 key programmers stop working (crash), there is something wrong with the application or tablet, you need to flash the device with the corresponding flash file which can be offered by Autel professional engineer for different situations.

Check the guide to flash the Autel tablet.

Important to know!!!

  • 1.When open the Autel tablet shell, please do it slowly. Do not pull the wire inside.
  • 2.When installing the shell back, please align before installation. Do not touch the motherboard components to cause collision parts.

Step 1: Open the cover on the back of Autel IM508 or Autel IM608

Remove the battery so that you can insert the SD card


IM608 Flash File 1
Note: Sometimes your device needs to be sent back to repair, you’d better remove the battery using the method above before sending.

The following location marked is where the SD card is placed.


IM608 Flash File 2
Step 2: Unzip the corresponding flash file and put the unzipped file in the SD card

Step 3: Insert the SD card in the location above

Step 4: Reboot the device

SD card format requirement:

TF card, 4G and above, FAT32 format

That’s all!

If you have any problem with Autel devices, please feel free to contact our customer service:

WhatsApp: +86-13372689373