Solved! Autel MP808TS “Has been locked since illegal operation” Issue


I have my Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS Scan Tool device…it is just locked, and if you switch it on, it always writes that “The device has been locked since an illegal operation has been detected.”

What do I do? I just switched it on and that message popped up, it was working well all this while and suddenly locked.

Autel MP808TS “Has Been Locked Since Illegal Operation”solution



The reason for the device lock is because someone had replied to Autel that this MP808TS scanner was stolen. It is on the blacklist now so that no one can use it anymore.


How to avoid being locked?

  1. If your Autel scan tool device has been locked maliciously, please provide the SN (series number) to the agent where you bought from. Autel factory will help to unlock it;


  1. Buy from, where provides a genuine 100% original guarantee & perfect after-sale service for all Autel products. This problem is not going to happen.


  1. Do not buy from second-hand of unknown origin.


Note: For privacy protection, if any of your Autel tools was lost, please contact your agent to lock device in time.


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