Why Autel MX Sensor A Good Choice?

Autel MX Sensor can work hand in hand with Autel’s easy-to-use TPMS tools, for example, the Autel MaxiTPMS TS501 and TS601, that not only program it but also offer complete TPMS system diagnostics as well as on-tool service procedures.

MX Sensor is 100% ID clone-able with no relearn required and offer latest model vehicle coverage due to the quickly-update during installation with an Autel wireless programming tool.

Why Autel MX Sensor A Good Choice

This article will mainly talk about the the benefits of Autel MX Sensor and make an overall objective review of this Autel TPMS tools, hoping to provide valuable references for the customers when making choice on purchasing them.

First, let’s start with coverage.

The Autel MX Sensor can be programmed to replace 99 percent of the TPMS sensors on today’s vehicles, so that’s one part of number to service, nearly every TPMS equipped vehicle your shops will see. One sensor for multiple applications simplifies the part selection process and expedites vehicle service. Autel’s MX Sensor is a programmable universal sensor that can emulate both 315 MHZ and 433 MHZ frequencies. It can replace the OEM sensors on TPMS equipped domestic Asian and European vehicles.

Its unique press release valve stem system allows for both rubber and aluminum valve stems to be used interchangeably without any tools.

Why Autel MX Sensor A Good Choice

Why Autel MX Sensor A Good Choice

It offers replacement valves in rubber and aluminum. The aluminum stems are available in several colors for a more custom look. So even the most discerning customer will be happy to have this sensor.

Why Autel MX Sensor A Good Choice

Next is consistent quality.

The Autel MX Sensor is developed and tested to meet SAE standards. You can be confident that every MX Sensor meets or exceeds OE sensor durability.

We individually test and serialize each one before it leaves the factory, even under extreme weather and driving conditions, it’s still very reliable.

Why Autel MX Sensor A Good Choice


Then is the Service Efficiency.

No matter what vehicles comes through your bay door when using the Autel MX Sensor, you can be confident that you can service it and get it out of the shop quickly. No waiting to hear from your parts supplier if he has a direct fit sensor for the vehicle or when he might be able to get one to your shop. It’s simple using the MX Sensor increases the number of vehicles you can service daily. Autel TPMS tools are designed to enable technicians at every level to complete TPMS service with efficiency and ease.

Why Autel MX Sensor A Good Choice

The final one is the advantage.

The Autel MX Sensor is a quality sensor with 99% of vehicle coverage that meets or exceeds OE sensor durability and functionality and price lower than most aftermarket sensors. It’s such a TPMS sensor with exceptional value, quality and coverage that defeat the other similar sensor products of different brands.

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