Audi Q5 2012 Key Learning via Autel MaxiIM IM608

How to program Audi Q5 2012 key learning with Autel MaxiIM IM608? The test is for BCM2 system vehicle and transponder 7945AC / 46 Crypto Audi keys.


Select IMMO function first >> Accept the disclaimer >> Auto Detect VIN

Scanning >> Identify vehicle brand >> Select Smart Mode

Make sure Internet Connection >> Confirm vehicle information and press “Yes”>> Reading notes carefully and press “OK”

  1. Dedicated key(e.g. TP23);#31 key blank.
  2. No need to learn remote controls separately.
  3. “Key Learning” function will first clear all working keys, then learn keys available. “Remote Control Learning” function will first clear all working remotes, then learn remotes available. Before using these functions, please ensure that all keys are prepared.

Check key status, press “ESC”>> Select Key Learning to begin >> Processing…

If you want to make a dealer key, press “Yes”

If not, press “No”

Select no. Of keys and press “OK”


If the vehicle only has transponders, put in sequence the keys that need to be learned in the transponders and turn off and then on the Start/Stop button!

Put the key in ignition switch and turn it on for 59s


Look! It is quite easy and fast to add keys via Autel MaxiIM IM608.

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