Autel AP200 – OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth Adapter Reviews: Small But Powerful

Autel MaxiAP AP200 is a OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner which can diagnose the vehicle through connecting with your smartphone. Autel AP200 supports OBD2 full system functions to make your car more efficient. Let’s go to find the real feedbacks from users.


The small tool does more diagnostics than normal obd scanner, including emissions, program keys, switches, airbags…etc. It will charge fees for second car make, but that is fine for one car or same make car owners.


Compact and easy to carry! I bought it for the key programming function for my Honda Accord. Additional diagnostics features is actually icing on the cake.


I am a former pro tech, simply to use it doing my own maintenance. It is easy to set up and use, it  scans a mass of modules and gets live data which you can easily manipulate. It even tells you what door is open. It is really worth more than you think.


In contrast with other Bluetooth adapter, AP200 tool give me a much wider range of functions: such as BMS reset, Oil reset, EPB reset, etc. Awesome buy I believe!


It is very nice to carry a small code reader when traveling. Great having a professional diagnostic tool on my phone, which can test O2 sensor, test Evap, read dash indicator lights, ABS, SRS, full transmission diagnostics… and much more.


I bought AP200 to resolve my troubleshoot ABS sensor on my 2016 Silverado and it succeed. But you may need to download more apps, or pay extra cost for other vehicle model. It is cheap enough, not a problem.


Got this Bluetooth scanner, which help to solve engine problem on my Honda 2004 Civic and a 2008 Accord. It works really smooth on my android phone, and gives me a relieve during long drives.


I am tired of paying $150 for dealer only to clear codes after repaired every time. So I decided to buy a OBD2 scanner and do it myself. AP200 connects the vehicle with my phone, and let me clear all codes. Works flawlessly!

Review 9:

I only work for my own cars, so I can’t afford a $800-$1000 diagnostic tool. But I need something better rather than a simply code reader. It charges $21.99 per year for different manufactures, that is not expensive for me. The other professional scanner will charge more, if I had a shop I would do.

This Bluetooth scanner works easy on the car with my phone. I can use it to read BCM, transmission codes and reset the systems. A normal code reader won’t show up these codes. It will be an important tool if I am gonna buy a used-car. It can help to find out the actual problem before buying.

I will recommend Autel AP200 if you can’t afford a expensive scanner. Just to download required apps on your phone, then can easily to connect with bluetooth to diagnose your car.

More reviews about Autel MaxiAP AP200 to be updating…