Autel AutoLink AL519 OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Review

Autel AutoLink AL519 diagnostic scanner allows 10 modes of OBD2 test for diagnosis, providing a faster and complete way for users. Does it work as advertised? Let’s hear the voice from buyers.

David A Castaneda Jr’s reviews
I love this scan tool. It’s probably the best investment tool I’ve ever bought. It works great and tells me what the codes I have on my 2000 Ford F-150. The code I had was a p0171 and that’s what pulled up on the screen so I know it works properly. Remember the ignition needs to on before you use the scan tool otherwise you’ll be reading nothing. Highly recommend the Autel AL519

Rott boy’s reviews

Exactly what I needed to read the codes from our ’14 MB G550 and ’15 Honda Fit. Tested and the tool communicated with both of these vehicles. Haven’t had any issues, but made this purchase to diagnose my cousin’s ’10 Lexus RX350. It found the fault code and interpreted the fix. Replaced the O2 sensor, cleared the code and all is back to normal.
This Autel 519 cost $74.99. The replacement part (Denso 234-4509 Oxygen Sensor) was $72. My cousin bought the part and split the cost of the Scan Tool. He saved $340 vs. going to the dealer (Lexus labor rate in our area is $125/hr.). They quoted him $450 for parts and labor. Took both of us about 3 hours to do this install plus clean the engine bay, change oil/filter, rotate tires, change the cabin filter, replace the front brake pads and bleed the brakes!!! Although my labor was FREE, we enjoyed the rest of the day chugging down a couple 6-packs of my favorite lite beer!!!!
Seller shipped from TX. as indicated on the listing. Although Prime not mentioned, it arrived in two days!
The AL519 is a few more dollars than Autel’s other models, but they won’t do the enhanced Mode6 which most new Euro cars now have. Am liking the color-screen and the “beep” function when buttons are depressed.. Gives that “professional” feel when performing diagnostics. Length of the supplied cable is more than enough to comfortably reach from any OBDII port to the driver’s seat.
As with most scanners, operation is similar: without turning over the engine, turn the key to “start” position (or push “start-button” to start mode w/out stepping on the brake) and the Autel starts communicating with the vehicle’s CPU once the corresponding button is pressed from the menu!!!
Described as “used-like new”. Nevertheless, it came with the original box, instruction manual, storage bag and accompanying cables (2). IMO, this is a new item! The original screen protector still was on the unit. No marks anywhere. It’s as if no one even touched it. I highly recommended YIT-BathroomOutlet as one of Amazon’s trusted sellers.

UPDATE: Installed LED DRL’s for the 2015 Honda Fit and initially used the factory DRL fuse junction (#25). That made all the lights go on and shut down the instrument cluster. The Autel stored the codes and showed U0155 (Lost communication w/ instrument panel Cluster). Erased the code and re-scanned. No more codes and all the yellow warning lights are off. What a time-saver this tool is, plus, saved $’s from going to the dealer to have it diagnosed.
UPDATE 2: Just diagnosed our nephew’s 2002 Benz C240 Wagon. It had a check engine light on. Cause faulty gas cap!!!!

M.Codina’s review
I have a BMW X3 2.0d e83 from 2005, when I bought the vehicle (second hand) I noticed a lack of power, so I decided to do a thorough inspection, the intake manifold was incredibly dirty, after cleaning and all that. It entails, I bought a kit to cancel the EGR valve, and the change was brutal, but after 5 minutes I got the little light or engine fault indicator, with that light you do not pass the ITV, so I started looking for diagnostic machines for an affordable price, and I settled on the AL519. First of all, yes, it is in SPANISH. In the bag comes everything you need, a CD, an obd2 connector, a cable to connect it to the PC, and a manual that is in English, before using it, I went to the manufacturer’s website and downloaded the program and updated it in 5 minutes. , once you connect it to the car, it turns on and the menu comes out, you give the scan option, once done you get all the readings, error code, and name of the error, and then it gives you the option to delete the errors, once all this is done, you turn the key and the little light disappears. The device has more options, such as reading live values ​​of temperatures, pressures, and more values. And for everything else, delighted with the product.


Rob Review

Great product, AL519 allows me to do a lot on my vehicle such as reading info and erasing codes. Component test is useful, it is really has many features plus and saves me much time from running to a store. Live data reading can be graphed, just like a scope. I was satisfied with the tool, especially for the price!

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Marty W. review

The Autel AL519 scanner came with a nice zipper soft case, an OBD2 cord and a data cord. It can read my Honda Odyssey and order 1998 GMC truck, which are different OBD2 vehicles. AL519 reads fast and can even pull some transmission codes. It is an entry level tool that suitable for startup mechanics, car owners or DIYers I would recommend. Really worth every penny.



Gym Rat review

Autel AL519 is very easy to use, with the well-written booklet, I can understand what code present means, and clear codes easily. I have been finding a way to diagnose misfire P0303, but none of them can read it. Autel AL519 does! The scanner comes with a nice case and a little booklet. Good value for the money.

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David Pham review

I bought the Autel AL519 tool for my Chrysler PT Cruiser. It has a check engine light coming on. The tool allows me to deal with it and let the light go off. The dealer charged for $150 to have that done. AL519 helps me a lot, I am now can help few friends also. Definitely worth the money, I will highly recommend it.



Christian review

Autel AutoLink AL519 scanner is very good used for my Infiniti, the fault codes were correct and easy to clear. I used the tool to make sure the dealer is honest. It is easy to use, full color screen, and extremely accurate. Quite a well designed and well priced scan tool.



Joe Staebell review

I need an OBD2 scanner that had mode 6 live data, Autel AL519 scan tool is the one I am looking for! It comes with all the features of a professional device. I like the features that it can connect to computer via USB for upgrade and I can print the results easily. Excellent code interpreter for your vehicle. Works great and a great price.



Aussie review

I have saved a lot of money since the day I got the AutoLink AL519 scan tool. Everytime I plug it to vehicle for a check, it will give me a code, just Google or Youtube to show what the fault is. I would suggest the tool to everyone, don’t waste money by going to a mechanic. It has all the features you will need for DIY.


Ed’s review
The scanner works really well. Doesn’t really lag and displays live OBD data pretty quickly once you scan it. I used this scanner to diagnose a bad O2 sensor. I really enjoy how the scanner can show you readiness monitors (for DEQ testing) and lays it out in a simple to understand manner. I am a professional mechanic and use this scanner daily as a “quick check”.

Chuk’s reviews
I’ve used this on 6 different cars in a week’s time and can’t complain. The display is bright and legible, controls are self explanatory if you’ve used a scanner before, and the quality is obvious once you unzip the case. I’d say it was money well spent since I’ve wanted for a while.

Of the 6 cars I used this with, all codes were found (a lot more than expected) and easily taken care of before clearing. I did read the manual before using it in case you’re wondering. It does give detailed information on all the vehicle modules it links to while scanning. The rest is mainly a beginner intro on use. It reads the codes and gives a good description of the probable fault.

I read a review where they thought the case felt like cheap plastic and can’t disagree more. The outer “sleeve” is a little loose to absorb impact in a fall. I tested this inadvertently…lol. It survived without a scuff. The zippered nylon case adds another layer of protection when not in use. It also has a Velcro pouch inside for the OBD-II interface cable, software CD, and USB to mini USB cable.

I would highly recommend this over any scanner you can pick up at the local parts store. You’re not going to get a color display that large at this price point!

sfbay55555’s reviews
Purchased on 8/7/2013 and writing this review on 6/9/2018
Excellent product and simple to use for domestic, Japanese, and German cars. Have been using this reader for over 150 cars personally and not in shop setting.

Easily update scanner database using Autel update client software using Windows desktop or laptop (Win7 Pro 64bit and Win10 Ent 64bit).

Durable thick rubber case and no issues with scanner after dropping multiple time. Heavy duty connection cables and protected ports.

Recommended simple check English light (MIL) code reader under under $80.00. Basic OBD II Check Engine Light (MIL) and I/M readiness status reading are accurate and CAN features are available for import models.

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