Autel IM608 OBD program 2012 Chevrolet Malibu All Keys Lost

Hi, guys, I am gonna use Autel IM608 scanner to OBD program 2012 Chevrolet Malibu when all keys lost. It is much quicker and secure than regular procedure of waiting 30 minutes.

Now let’s start:

This is a blank key, I am going to be using the IM608, because it will make the process faster.

Tap IMMO first, press “Yes” to accept terms

I have pre-selected my car model already, so press “History” to find it >> IMMO to start >>“Yes” to confirm.

Or you may press GM to identify vehicle model: 2008-2012 GM Malibu Blade Key

Press “Control unit” to go ahead >> immobilizer(SCAN) >> go to Key Learning

Switch the ignition on and press “OK” to wait 12 minutes…

Please make sure the battery charger is on, otherwise, the scanner will discharge and fail the program.

Switch ignition on and off with all keys.

Then press “OK”, complete!

Now I’m gonna try and check if the anti-theft light goes off, and start the car succeed.

This is a fast way that the dealership to program your keys. Autel IM608 scanner surpasses the dealer level on lots of brands, I really recommend it.