Autel IM608 program Dodge Caravan 2013 – 2018 AKL

Topic: Dodge Caravan 2013 – 2018 AKL programming with Autel IM608

Tool to prepare:

Autel MaxiIM IM608

– A new key (it’s unlock key)

You have to remove the little circuit board inside and do some sort of coding with a special tool called VVDI.

So on mostly Dodge if you get a key like this, you can open the switch it doesn’t matter if it’s not programming or anything. It will allow you open the switch and once it allows you to open the switch that means the keys are good to be programmed. But as you can see the light is flashing, so that means the car is in lock mode or anti-death and by that we have to program a key for this car. But the first thing is to get a tool like Autel MaxiIM IM608, because you will need the pin code (4 digits) .

Tap “IMMO”.

USA model : Dodge.

Smart Mode.

If it is old pre 2006 model, please give priority selection to “Manual Selection” or “System Selection”!

It’s Fobik key.

Switch the ignition OFF and then ON again, make sure the engine is off.

Wait until get the password: 5530.

You can see the relevant information (Immobilizer information, OBD position, reference information)

You can select different key model for this car, but in this case I’m just gonna use this.

Press “ESC”.

Tap “Immo Status scan”.

Please make sure the ignition is ON, the engine is OFF.

Autel IM608 can communicate with each module, it is really a cool tool to tell you if there’s any fault code.

I has option “Read Pin code” , “Immo learning” and “Replace component”, but this case I just want to “Add key”.

Turn the ignition off, insert the key to be learned and then turn the ignition on.

Current number of keys is : 2

Do you want to continue to learn the key?

Continue with the procedure.

Security authentication failed.

I think we have to open it .

Tap “Ok”.

Then back to tap “Add key”.

Tap “OK”.

Learning the key.

Establishing vehicle communication…

Learning successful.

You can see, Autel IM608 did everything automatically.

It didn’t ask me for the pin code because they already read the pin code.

If you want to add more keys, just press “Yes”, if you don’t just press “NO”.

Now we can erase all the codes we have.

We pass and no codes, good. It means everything is good now.

We have to try our key, take it off, make sure the locks work, as you can see everything works. Now we turn it on, there we go, everything turns on.