Autel MaxiSys MS906 VS Autel MaxiSys MS908

Autel Diagnostic Tools have current outstanding high-end scan tools like Autel MaxiSys MS908 and Autel MaxiSys MS906, which sometimes make customers choose between them quite tricky.

So this article provide an all-around comparison between them to help customers choose the one that suits their needs and decide which one is best for them.


Let’s check brief introductions about them.

A brief introduction about Autel MaxiSys MS906:

As an advanced version of the Autel Maxidas DS708 and DS808 OBD2 scan tools, Autel Maxisys MS906 has bi-directional control, ABS bleeding brake, key fob programming, and ECU coding. All these function distinguishes it from these two scanners. What most important is, this gadget comes with an ergonomic design for easy handling and use. The 8-inch multi-task display makes using this device to be easy and fast.

You can take photos and share them with the community or other technicians for help and tips by using the built-in 8-MP rear camera. Moreover, the gadget covers a wide range of vehicles made in the US, Europe, and Asia, from 1996 and newer. You can connect it with Wi-Fi to update the software for free for a period of one year.

Autel MaxiSys MS906 VS Autel MaxiSys MS908

A brief introduction about Autel MaxiSys MS908:

The Autel MS908 diagnostic scan tool suits best for those who are looking for tools with advanced coding and super fast speed. The MS908 scan tool is the best tool for busy technicians and auto repair shops, because it can perform most functions of the MS906 and many more. It features the open-source Android operating system for multitasking and fast boot-up time. You can connect the device via Bluetooth or VCI. It has an extra-large 9.7-inch screen for easy reading of results.

This diagnostic scanner will ensure you to perform the basic functions, special functions, or advanced functions very swiftly. With its built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you will get up to 8 hours of continuous use before having to recharge the code reader. Besides, it also has instant updates and comes with a 12-month warranty.

Autel MaxiSys MS906 VS Autel MaxiSys MS908

Let’s see the comparison of advantages and disadvantages between them.

Autel MaxiSys MS906


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Outstanding OE-level vehicle coverage
  • Performs a wide range of functions
  • Supports full OBD2 functions
  • Super fast and powerful system
  • Large storage capacity
  • Powerful battery with 6 hours of continuous use
  • Free update via the internet
  • 12-month warranty



  • Long recharge time


Autel MaxiSys MS908


  • Extensive vehicle coverage of over 80 US domestic, European, and Asian vehicles
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Extremely fast and powerful
  • Performs various functions
  • Powerful battery with a continuous runtime of 8 hours
  • Sturdy rubber protection on the corners for durability
  • Large storage capacity
  • Instant software update



  • A little more expensive


What general differences between them?

As compared above, the Autel MS906 and the MS908 diagnostic scanners have a lot of similarities. Actually, the MS908 is an improved version of the MS906. As a result, it comes with more advanced features than the MS906, and that’s why it is more expensive. In addition, the MS908 scan tool has a larger screen which is 9.7-inches compared to 8-inches that the MS906 comes with. Also, the MS908 scanner features a battery that runs for longer hours (8 hours) than the MS906 battery with 6 hours of continuous runtime.

Besides, the Autel MS908 is faster and powerful than the MS906 as it uses the extraordinarily powerful cortex-A9 quad-core processor, while the latter utilizes the extraordinarily powerful Samsung Exynos Hexa-core cortex-A7 processor.  One of the outstanding features of the MS906 is that it has a powerful rear camera with 8-MP, compared to the MS908’s rear camera with 5-MP.


To sum up:

Customers will have to make up their minds on what they intend to use the scanner for in order to decide which scan tool suits best for them. As stated above, these two scanners perform exceptionally and use Android as their operating system. But Autel MS908 is quite costly than MS906 due to its extra fast speed and some additional features and functions.

If you’re a very busy technician or have a busy auto repair shop, then the Autel MS908 scan tool is for you. But if you’re a professional mechanic or own a busy garage, then the Autel MS906 scan tool is ideal for you. But remember, these two scanners are not suitable for beginners and DIY enthusiasts due to their costly price.