Autel MP808K OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Review

Autel MaxiPRO MP808K car diagnostic tool is featured with OE-level all system diagnosis, 23 professional services, active test to enable bi-directional control, add keys, ECU reading, etc. Compare to Autel MaxiDAS DS808K&Autel MaxiSys MS906, Autel MP808K has same functions but with a lower price. Here is the collection of feedback from customers, let’s go and find if it was worth.



I have used this Autel MaxiPRO MP808K scan tool to diagnose the A/C system on an Audi TT and a 2009 Mini Cooper S. MP808K scanner does everything! I am now using it daily on various cars. I can even use it to reprogram a client’s door lock timing. Great scanner for the money.

AutelMP808K OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Review

AutelMP808K OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Review



Solid and hard 2 cases from Autel, the MP808K came with a separate case for non-OBD2 adapters, which impressed me. I mainly used MP808K on a diesel MB SUV, it allows me to reset adaptationswhen changing filters, and initiate DPF regeneration cycles. Awesome buy I think.

AutelMP808K OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Review

AutelMP808K OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Review

AutelMP808K OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Review



I am a professional auto technician, and bought this Autel MP808K to replace Snapon. I had used MP808K to scan on Mercedes, Chevy, Jaguar, Toyota… all work well. I can program keys on a Toyota Camry. If you own a car repair shop, then MP808K will be recommended.

AutelMP808K OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Review



I am an enthusiast of car repair, I bought Autel MP808K to scan a second hand 2017 Nissan Maxima. I also bought several smart keys for this car to program, and all were programmed succeed. It seems the IMMO keys/ key fob programming is mainly for Asian cars. Anyway, I gonna to use MP808K for more, to earn money or save money by repairing cars myself.



MP808K works great, it tells what is the problem, testing and print it out. It does a full service more than a DIY would require. I can do ECM/throttle body relearn by myself rather than going to a dealer.



If you are looking for a diagnostic tool for Mercedes-Benz, then Autel MP808K is the one! The MP808K can test, programming, read live data when changing transmission fluid is required. I was able to view transmission temp and calibrate air suspension, it’s worth the money you are paying.



I bought Autel MP808K for my car 2004 Infiniti G35 Sedan. It provided every details for the diagnosis. The Bi-directional control allows me to perform active tests on the car. I also like the diagnostic PDF report to print it out function. The menu is simple and easy to use, MP808K scan tool is a best investment for me to save much money.


Autel MP808K is a comprehensive car diagnostic tester for professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. More reviews to be collected…