Autel PowerScan PS100 vs. Power Probe Comparison Review, Which is Better?

Don’t know how to choose Autel PowerScan PS100 & Power Probe circuit tester? Since having received lots of questions from customers about this, here we’re collecting actual reviews from Facebook users who have both tools.


Believe that the honest using reviews can be a reference.

Autel Powerscan Ps100 Vs Power Probe Comparison Review 1



Is anyone using the Autel PS100 probes? Wondering how they compare to the Power Probe brand.


Autel PS100 vs. Power Probe Reviews


Dean Andrew review

I have one and prefer Autel PS100 to my Powerprobe 4.

It’s quick and easy to use. The scope is faster than you’d think and can cope with cam and crank signals. It feels light and flimsy but works well.


Lawson Thursfield review

I have one and I use PS100 instead of Power Probe, scope is fantastic quick go / no go tool.


Opeyemi Asaolu review

Autel PowerScan PS100 is a tool I can’t do without in my everyday workshop practice.


Matt Booth review

I use the Autel PS100 for my day to day stuff. It’s very good for the money and the build is identical to a Power Probe. I would bet if they’re made in the same factory. Has the same features as a PP but also graphs and shows resistance. I use a PP hook when things get serious.


Andre K Pitts review

I use both PS100 & Power Probe with no problems.


Jocke Sweden review

I have both the Power Probe and the Autel PS100 power probe. Use the Power Probe most because of the size. Use Autel when I need to know for example the voltage.


IVcarrepairs Sibsey review

I have one PS100 and seems pretty good has good extension cable with it and adapter for cigarette lighter.


Big thanks to above users’ reviews.