How to Restore Missing Vehicles in Autel MD806 after changing language to German

Issue: Autel MD806 pro only 12 vehicles after changing the language to German, and have downloaded all software.

Autel MD806 Only 12 Vehicles After Changing The Language To German

Solution from Auteldiag’ s technician

To restore missing car Brands in your MaxiDiag MD806 Pro,please follow guide below to update your device

1. Take out the SD card from your device and load it to a computer with a card reader.
2. FORMAT the card to FAT32.
3. Run MaxiPC Suite which can be downloaded at the link :
4. Download all programs you need again into the SD card.
5. Insert the card back into your device

BTW, after the equipment is updated, still only these 12 vehicles, it means that other cars have not developed German.AUTEL will keep updating the equipment

Hope it helps.